American Century

Edgewood Creek

American Century is a mid-sized mutual fund company that is transitioning into a more robust financial services solution provider through the addition of a financial advice tool and an online brokerage. vivid studios was responsible for the initial website development of the American Century site.

When I joined vivid, phase II of the American Century project was just kicking off. Phase II involved modifying the "look and feel" of a third party brokerage product to fit with the main American Century website.

The example below is for an online account application for an individual brokerage account. Included is a data element matrix, a text flow of the hierarchy of the application, a flowchart/process flow, and a storyboard set developed in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Edgewood Creek is an e-commerce startup that came to vivid in November of 1999. They were two guys with a business plan and a dream to be the Business-to-Business solution for the gourmet food industry. By applying vivid's "online ventures" philosophy, we were able to create not only a website, but an entire brand, identity, and company.

I started the project during the initial Strategy engagement, where I performed our User Discovery research. The insight we gained educated all of our subsequent design decisions.

Examples of my work include the Flowchart from the Style Guide and the Training Manual which I wrote and presented to the client's entire company.


  • American Century Individual Account Application process example (pdf).
  • Concept and Planning Deliverables.
  • Style Guide Flowchart.(pdf)
  • Training Manual.(pdf)
  • Use Case Example (doc)
  • Site Structure (gif)
  • Artifact Attributes (doc)